Joshua Lee is a news and science reporter. He has been one of the leading cannabis reporters in New Mexico for the last five years, and his work has appeared in Weekly Alibi, Right Where You Are Sitting Now and the Disinformation Company.


Scientists have discovered that CBD can help extend the shelf-life of produce.

According to Marijuana Moment researchers at the University of South Florida will soon be publishing a study that found applying CBD to strawberries will keep them fresher longer. The study was conducted to test CBD’s supposed antimicrobial properties. The researchers took freshly harvested strawberries and covered them in CBD.

“Strawberries were evaluated for visual quality and microbial load before and during storage,” the paper’s abstract states. “Results from this study showed that CBD oil was effective at maintaining the visual appearance of strawberries … compared to the fruit that was not treated.” The addition of CBD reportedly helped stave off mold while improving the fruits’ appearance.

Researchers stored the fruit at 1 degree Celsius for eight days and 10 degrees Celsius for eight days. The results show that “CBD oil has the potential to be used by consumers at home as an effective antimicrobial treatment and to extend strawberry shelf life.”

According to the study, CBD oil has the potential to extend the shelf life of all produce—not just strawberries.