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EDO – Standard Diner has been and EDO institution since 2006 but when it was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in 2008 it became a must-visit stop for many Route 66 fanatics anxious to try the bacon-wrapped meatloaf Guy Fieri’s visit made famous.

For downtown’s lunch crowd or EDO’s hip up-and-coming foodies, the Standard Diner was in regular rotation — until COVID-19 hit.

“Suddenly the area around Standard Diner became a ghost town,” owner Matt DiGregory wrote in September. “After four months we realized that we had to make some very tough decisions regarding our future and the future of restaurants moving forward.”

That decision, apparently, did not take long. DiGregory closed Standard Diner on Monday, September 7th. By Friday it was back open, now as The Range Cafe on Central. Over the past few months, EDOans (is that what we call them?) watched as the old gas station got a fresh coat of paint (the Range Cafe’s iconic orange, of course) and expanded patio (thanks to the city’s emergency patio dining program).

Customers also now have the option to order online for pick-up or delivery.

Courtesy The Range Cafe

DiGregory says they aren’t done with plans for the space at 320 Central Southeast. Space next door is being converted to a coffee shop and “grab n’ go” area, expanding restaurant options for EDO.

And if you are a fan of that bacon-wrapped meatloaf, don’t lament says DiGregory. “The good news is that we have incorporated several of the Standard Diner favorites onto the Range Café menu, including the DDD Bacon-wrapped meatloaf as featured on the show,” he says. The new EDO Range Cafe also features Standard’s jalapeño poppers, and the deviled egg cobb exclusively at this location, along with a bigger cocktail menu. “Our goal is to not only save some of the unique menu items of Standard Diner but to also elevate the menu at Range Café.”

The Range Cafe has six locations in Albuquerque and Bernalillo.

If you only have one thing…

The Range Cafe is known for huge (and yummy!) desserts. Bring a little unexpected happiness to takeout night by bringing home a mix-and-match box of your family’s favorites.

The Range Cafe on Central

Neighborhood: EDO
Cuisine: American

  • Carryout
  • NM Safe Certified
  • Online ordering
  • Outdoor dining