You Had Me at Merlot

Vara Wines And Distillery

This North Valley winemaker offers a tasty bouquet of Spanish and American wines. While the grapes used to make their wines are not necessarily from New Mexico, the succulent beauties used are grown in Spain as well as in New Mexico and other American vineyards. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $13 to $32 a bottle for wine or cava, which is a sparkling kinda vino. Curbside pickup is available. Check them out from 10am to 8pm, Monday through Saturday, and noon to 8pm on Sundays. Food is also available for pickup at the same time. Stop by the winery or call in an order at 898-6280 or go to their website (varawines.com) to see their offerings.

315 Alameda Blvd NE

Casa Rondeña

This is a small but fierce winery tucked in the Village of Los Ranchos. It is offering pickup of their wines daily from noon to 5:30pm. Food pickup is available from 3 to 7pm, Thursday through Sunday, from the 1629 Club restaurant menu. It will cost you between $24 and $46 to send a bottle of this nectar. They can ship it out for you as well. If you drop $100 or more they will deliver the food and libation. Casa Rondeña produces internationally award-winning wines such as their Meritage, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. One can call ahead at 400-7525. Check out their bounty at casarondena.com.

733 Chavez Road.

Milagro Vineyards

Just a short drive north, Milagro Vineyards is open for curbside pickup on Thursdays from noon to 5pm in the Village of Corrales. These vintners are also known for their Jefferson Cup Award-winning wines such as Gruner Veitliner and Cabernet Franc, among others. One can gift, or keep, a bottle of this Rio Grande goodness that ranges from $18 to $39 each. Hit the website (milagrofarmstand.com) or call in an order at 280-3115, and they will get it ready for pick up or to ship out.

125 Old Church Road

Pasando Tiempo Winery and Vineyards

This winery was planted in 2005, and since 2011 wine has been flowing. It offers a fine selection of vino, ranging from $18 for a bottle of 2017 Riesling to 20 bucks for some Pasando Red up to $38 for a Cabernet Sauvignon, among other choices. They are open 9am to 5pm, Monday through Sunday, for curbside service and pickup in Corrales. You can scroll through their offerings at pasandotiempowinery.com or call 228-0154 to place an order.

277 Dandelion Rd

St. Clair D.H. Lescombes Winery And Bistro

These New Mexico award-winning wines come from grapes grown down around Deming in the southern part of the state. This family has been a fixture in the New Mexico winemaking landscape since 1984, when they bottled their first vintage. Their wines range from $14 for a bubbly red or white, with most falling into the $20 range, up to a Petite Sirah at $41. Food pickup from the restaurant is available. They are open every day, 11am to 7pm, for curbside service. Shipping orders can be placed online at lescombeswinery.com or by calling 243-9916. [ ]