Local Makers Mix Art and Philanthropy

This holiday season support living artists; the dead ones don’t need it. One of the best ways to do this is by shopping at the OT Circus ABQ Online Art Auction. This online platform was created so that artists would still have the opportunity to show and sell their work during this pandemic. Items included in the auction run the gamut from paintings to collage work, sculpture to jewelry. This weekend (November 19 through 22) opening bids for all items start at $5. Support a local, living artist and buy your loved ones a one-of-a-kind gift. The Art Auction can be found at facebook.com/groups/ABQArtAuction.

Do your family and friends love the 505, like, “all bad?” Then you might want to consider getting them some schwag from All Chola. All Chola embraces the Latina, Latino and Hispanic culture of Albuquerque with a line of clothing, coffee mugs, accessories and even backpacks. Show your love for your city and for this local business this holiday season. A complete listing of all of their items can be found at allchola.com

Even “daddies” need to think about their skin care, so for all the Sirs” in your life, get them a gift set from LeatherDaddy Skin Co. Encourage them to Dominate Their Day with a signature oil blend that utilizes hints of leather, warm notes of vanilla and the seductive scent of Scotch. The gift set includes: body wash, body lotion, body balm, body scrub and beard oil, all for $32. Order yours at leatherdaddyskin.com Do you love comic books? Want to support a local comic book artist and give to charity this holiday season? Well have I got the deal for you. Brandon Scott Jensen is a local comic book artist who has written an entire series titled Lunaria. What I enjoy about this series is there are several characters and storylines that I see underrepresented in a lot of the comic book world. Among such topics and characters are autism, transgender characters, characters of color and LGBTIQAA+ storylines. If you don’t have time to read the whole series, Jensen has published the Lunaria: Dossier, which breaks down all characters and storylines for the series. It also features artwork from 13 of the most prolific artists working in comics and animation today, including Gary Trousdale (Beauty and the Beast, Atlantis, The Lost Empire) and Robb Pratt (Avengers: Ensemble, Pocahontas). All proceeds from this go to Casa Q, a nonprofit for LGBT homeless youth. The dossier cost $9.99 and can be ordered through jensenentertainment-101216.square.site. [ ]