Indie Shops Will Keep You Cozy

Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. 

Staying afloat amid a pandemic is no easy task. But the ladies at Bow & Arrow have been able to roll with the punches and put out some stellar canned beer for our quarantined extended happy hour. Next time, open that final Zoom session of the day with a can of their new Sunbloom Saison with Prickly Pear and Juniper Berries. It tastes like N.M. fall sunsets. Pickup only—order online. 


SWOP (SouthWest Organizing Project)

This group has been around the ABQ area for almost 50 years, teaching, creating partnerships and building community! They also make some really cool stuff, including coloring books, t-shirts and more! You can find them Downtown (211 10th St. SW) or online. And if all else fails, call the info below. It don’t get more local this.


Ora Louise Boutique

Hillary Frost-Montano is the brains behind this unique online store! It showcases lots of her own pieces, as well as lots of accessories from various artists, all with Southwest flair. The protective masks alone are worth a visit. Vintage deadstock material, curated by her mother, has become a mask obsession. With the help of the boutique, her mother has given away nearly 5,000 masks to locals and healthcare workers in need. I know where I’m doing some holiday shopping come payday!


SABAHUT (3904 Central Ave SE Suite B)

SABA is simply SABA. You know you are running things when you can roll on a one-name basis. And Dine’/Walatowa hop hop artist SABA’s been down for a long time, creating iconic imagery all over N.M. and beyond. I’ve seen some of his printed shirts on people halfway around the world! Whenever I run into SABA, I’m getting something! You can find him at the Barricade Shop in Las Cruces or the Homegrown Trading Post in Abq’s Nob Hill. And of course you can find everything online at sabahut.com/


Toasted Sister

This last one will be a twofer. First up is Toasted Sister Podcast. If you like fun musings about life and all sorts of delicious food, with a little dark energy thrown in for flavor, you need to check out Andi Murphy’s media. Not only does she make dark magic happen in the kitchen, she sells a Black Cedar Goth Soap in a collaboration with another Native company, Dancing Butterfly Naturals. 

Finally, many of these companies have sought out the help of New Mexico Community Capital. NMCC has single handedly helped build many small independent businesses in N.M. They do amazing work. And the work they do can be found directly through their new online store, the IndigiExchange Marketplace. They showcase and sell via consignment a large array of high quality products. Support local!


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