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Dear Readers, Thinkers and Doers,

Thank you for picking up The Paper! I am so excited to be writing you this letter! When the opportunity to help start a new weekly alternative newspaper for Albuquerque came about, I jumped at it. Growing up here I have seen Albuquerque change and grow in so many ways, and so the chance to be a part of documenting and publishing that continuing growth felt like a natural next step to me.

Abby Lewis, Esq.

In addition to being a proud Burqueño, I am also a member of the queer community. We New Mexicans are a diverse people! And representation of that matters. The Paper. will honor this by being an outlet for diverse voices with something to say to be heard. We will also be bringing you news of note, as well as investigative journalism.

So here’s our first step. We hope you like it. And thank you for joining us on this journey!