New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission (PRC) should be led by experts, not politicians.  We are poised to lead a clean energy revolution that could mean our homes, business, cars and industry are powered by clean, renewable energy. But all of that depends on having a PRC with expertise, independence and experience. Unfortunately, in the 20+ years since our commission became elected, it has too often lacked all of those characteristics.  New Mexico’s commission is one of only 11 led by politicians rather than experts, and the only one of that group with a 100% clean energy target.

This reform would enact one of the most rigorous commission selection processes in the country. A bipartisan nominating committee, which will include Native representation, will provide the Governor a list of qualified, geographically diverse experts from which to select. Once the Governor selects from that list, the appointee must also be reviewed and approved by the New Mexico Senate. Modeled after how judges are selected, this robust nominating process will ensure that every future commissioner will be an expert qualified in the complex matters that come before the PRC, and who is independent of special interests.

In New Mexico voters have shown we want clean energy leadership. Now we need an expert PRC that can implement that vision, not politicians that might second guess it.