Pat Davis is an owner and publisher of The Paper. He also serves as an Albuquerque City Councilor and former chair of the governor's cannabis legalization work group.


Donald Trump has been holding unmasked superspreader rallies and using these events to fire up his supporters with chants to lock up anyone with opposing ideas. This is not acceptable.

This is truly dangerous. He specifically wants to lock up Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan who had the audacity to try to keep Michiganders safe and alive with mask and Covid mandates. Apparently, it wasn’t enough that her life and the life of her family was threatened with kidnapping and murder by the Wolverine Watchmen. Now she’s being threatened by Trump.

What happened to having a President concerned with the safety and well-being of his citizens and working to eliminate domestic terrorism? Trump has to punish anyone who disagrees with him. He ratchets up the volume. What country are we living in? His aggressive rhetoric encourages his supporters to engage in physical and verbal confrontations in our cities, our Capitals, and at the polls. These rants demean and promote violence. As with Whitmer, strong women are frequently his targets.

He’s still blathering on to “Lock up Hilary.” 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Carla Fiorini was “ugly.” Kamala Harris is a “monster.” This week, he walked off the 60 Minutes set because Lesley Stahl was asking tough questions about the pandemic. He’d rather waste our time with Russian propaganda about Hunter Biden than deal with the 220,000 plus Americans dead and continuing to die from COVID. He has to be coddled and praised like on Fox News with their fawning and softball questions. Poor Kristen Welker!

Trump has thrown her under the bus before Thursday’s debate even begins. This is all very wrong. Republicans need to speak out loudly and NOW against this dangerous behavior that threatens the safety of citizens, the media and democracy. Donald Trump, his children, William Barr, and Rudy Gulliani are just a few of those in this administration who have repeatedly broken the law, perpetuated a pandemic, engaged in illegal activity, conspired with foreign governments, ignored the constitution and used the presidency to increase their personal wealth. What should we do? Lock them up!