Growing up, your parents probably said that you had to study hard because no one would pay you to be on vacation. It turns out, your parents were wrong.

Michelob Ultra is hiring a “chief exploration officer” (aka, CEO) to travel America’s most amazing national parks, drink beer and write about it. You can even take your dog.

According to an announcement on Twitter and company news release, one lucky Michelob Ultra fan will be provided a computer-equipped van, lots of free beer and a $50,000 stipend to travel to six national parks across the West: Big Bend, Sequoia, Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Saguaro.

The lucky winner is tasked with taking great pictures in a partnership with the National Park Foundation.

If traveling to amazing places on someone else’s expense account is just your thing, you can apply online here. Even if you are not selected, all hope is not lost. The winner can take along one lucky person for the journey. Be nice to your beer-loving friends, just in case.