New Mexicans are the most inspiring, innovative and resilient people we know that but not everyone has a way to elevate their big idea to the big conversation. That’s why we provide a space for guest writers to share their ideas through letters to the editor.

Diverse and varied opinions are strongly encouraged. To share the limited space available, not all submissions can be published.

Content that will NOT be published includes:

  • Offensive or derogatory language about a person or group, including but not limited to a group’s or individual’s ethnicity, gender identity, religion, culture, or similar characteristics.
  • Statements that are factually inaccurate or not-attributed to a reputable source. “A friend shared this on Facebook” is not credible. “A study published by the state legislature” is acceptable (please provide a link to the study).
  • Endorsements of products (contact our sales department at !)
  • Comments that are just plain mean and serve no civil purpose.

Letters that receive the strongest consideration are less than 500 words, reference or cite a recent news story of a publicly available research report that is of interest now. All letters must be signed and include the writer’s street address, email and telephone number, which will be used for verification purposes only.

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