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Weird News[ish] Feb 24-March 2

Weird News of the Week


Man Steals Ring From One Girlfriend to Give to Another

Florida police are searching for a man who allegedly dated two women under a fake name, stole from both and proposed to one using a ring he stole from the other.

Click Orlando reports that one of the women—the man’s girlfriend who lived in Orange City—learned of her boyfriend’s infidelity when she came across images of an Orlando woman on Facebook. In the photos the other woman appeared to be wearing the Orange City girlfriend’s wedding band and engagement ring from a prior marriage.

The Orange City woman looked in her jewelry box and found that a number of rings and other jewelry were missing. Police say the man allegedly stole $6,270 worth of jewelry from the woman.

She was able to get in touch with the Orlando girlfriend and the two women pieced together that the man had lied to both of them. He had told them that his name was “Marcus Brown” or “Joe Brown,” but after bringing the matter to police, they learned that both names were fake.

Detectives were unable to figure out the man’s real identity until the Orlando woman remembered the name and address of a woman who the man claimed was his niece. Police found the woman and learned that she was actually the man’s sister and his real name was Joseph L. Davis. Davis is a convicted felon who is wanted on a hit-and-run charge.

The Orlando woman said Davis took her to the Orange City woman’s home while that woman was at work and pretended he was buying the home. After she packed up her apartment and prepared to move, he allegedly told her that the deal on the house had fallen through.

Police say Davis stole a laptop and jewelry from the Orlando fiancée before moving out.

Davis is still at large.

Man Skips Job Interview to Rob Bank

An Ohio man allegedly robbed a bank instead of going to a scheduled job interview. He was caught because he didn’t wear his protective face mask properly.

Newsweek reports that Bruce Morway was arrested for allegedly robbing a Key Bank in North Olmsted, Ohio. According to a Facebook post made by the North Olmsted Police Department, Morway was supposed to be on the other side of town for a job interview at the time of the robbery “but decided on other plans.”

Morway allegedly entered the Key Bank location instead of going to the interview, told the teller that he had a gun and demanded money. No one was injured during the robbery, and Morway escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

But surveillance cameras were able to capture an image of the robber wearing his COVID-19 protective face mask incorrectly—with the top of the mask pulled below the nose. The image was circulated on social media by police in another Facebook post.

“We need your help identifying the male in the picture!” it said. “No, not for wearing his mask wrong. He robbed the Key Bank in North Olmsted a short time ago.” Police said Morway’s parole officer recognized the man in the image.

According to Morway entered a Youngstown, Ohio, Dollar General three days after the robbery occurred and asked employees to call the police. He then turned himself in for the crime.

He is currently being held at Cuyahoga County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Man Leaves $5 Million to Dog

A deceased Tennessee man with no immediate family left a small fortune to his dog.

According to News Channel 5 in Tennesee, 84-year-old business-owner Bill Dorris died last year unmarried and without children of his own. His last will and testament named only his 8-year-old border collie Lulu as the beneficiary of his small fortune.

The will reads: “$5,000,000 will be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie Lulu.”

The dog’s care will be managed by Lulu’s caretaker, 88-year-old Martha Burton. “Well, he always left the dog for me to take care of,” Burton told reporters. She has watched over Lulu for a number of years as Dorris would often take business trips and leave the dog in Burton’s care.

“I don't really know what to think about it to tell you the truth,” said Burton. “He just really loved the dog.”

Burton said she isn’t quite sure how she can spend $5 million on caring for the dog, but told reporters, “I’d like to try.”

The trust will be managed by a conservator who will reimburse Burton for Lulu’s expenses.

Dorris’ estate is currently in probate, and its worth has not been publicized.

Man Sets Lawn On Fire to Melt Ice

Emergency responders say a New Jersey man attempted to melt a patch of ice by pouring gasoline on it and lighting it aflame.

According to police were called out to the man’s home after a neighbor smelled something burning. Officers said the man poured a half-gallon of gasoline on a two-foot by two-foot section of his backyard before lighting it. He was reportedly attempting to melt the snow and ice that had collected there.

“I don’t recall ever being dispatched to something like that,” said police Lt. John Gibbons. “It’s not very common, let’s put it that way.”

The Bergen County Hazmat Unit was called to the scene. It used Speedy Dry to sop up the remaining gasoline.


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