Monday, May 29, 2023

Weird News[ish]


A Robot Removes Contacts, Champagne Sales Spike After Trump’s Loss and Other Uncanny Stories.

Man Tours Condo For Sale Then Jumps to His Death

A man recently died after jumping to his death from a 27th floor high-rise condo at Sierra Towers in Hollywood, Calif. The owners of the multi-million dollar luxury living space say he posed as a prospective buyer to gain access to the condo.

WEHOville reports that the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station investigated the death and found that no foul play was involved. A number of people reportedly witnessed the man fall before dying on impact with the ground.

The victim was identified by the Daily Mail as Paul Robbins, a 75-year-old man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Robbins posed as a prospective buyer of a vacant condo and was invited to view the space. When the realtor’s back was turned, Robbins reportedly walked out onto a balcony with plans to jump.

The realtor attempted to convince Robbins to come back inside. Detective Steve Blagg told reporters, “He was very matter of fact. He wasn’t battling, he never yelled, ‘Don’t come close.’ He just said he’d made his mind up.”

Robbins reportedly left a suicide note for his children. It is unclear why he chose to end his life at the Sierra Towers.

In the past, the exclusive real estate has been home to celebrities including Sidney Poitier, Lindsay Lohan, Elton John, Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Cher and Joan Collins. It is currently the home of Hollywood stars Adam Sandler, Lily Collins and Kelly Osbourne.

Robot Can Insert and Remove Users’ Contacts

A Florida man has invented a robot that he says will allow people with dexterity issues to have an easier time using contact lenses.

According to CNN Craig Hershoff recognized a need for the robot after his wife passed away. Hershoff was diagnosed with Fuch’s dystrophy in 2000 and had to receive three corneal transplants over the next 10 years to retain his sight. He was able to correct much of his vision problems with a special type of contact lenses called scleral lenses.

But after Hershoff’s wife died, the man went through a period of anxiety that caused his hands to shake and made it difficult for him to insert and remove the lenses. “What happens in a few years if I actually have a tremor and I can’t get these lenses in?” he asked reporters. “I need them to see and I don’t have anyone to help put them in for me.”

After considering the problem, Hershoff began working on the Cliara Lens Robot. “Cliara” is an acronym for Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Apparatus.

The robot uses suction cups to insert and remove contacts from a user’s eyes and is able to determine the correct amount of pressure needed to execute the difficult maneuver. “What is so unique and special about this device is that there is a camera attached, so you can see where the lens is going and exactly how it’s being placed,” Hershoff said. “Any type of anxiety or nervousness is gone because you are controlling the device and it’s extremely gentle and safe.”

Record D.C. Champagne Sales Follow Trump Defeat

Liquor stores in Washington D.C. reported selling more bottles of champagne on the day the presidential election was called than the last two New Year’s Eve celebrations combined.

According to Newsweek the sale of all liquor has shot up during 2020—except champagne. But the ignored liquor made a comeback earlier this month when supporters of Joe Biden celebrated the announcement that the former vice president had won the presidential election.

A number of images published on social media sites depicted crowds of people gathered in areas of Washington D.C. and spraying champagne into the air. Thousands gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza to celebrate the victory, and many carried bottles of champagne.

The owner of Rodmans grocery store told reporters that their store was sold out of champagne and that the day’s sales outperformed both the previous two New Year’s Eve celebrations combined.

Gun Stocks Suffer Following Lack of Violence

Firearm manufacturer stocks dropped earlier this month when fears of civil unrest related to election results failed to manifest.

According to Reuters shares of Smith & Wesson Brands and Sturm Ruger & Co fell more than nine percent after it was announced that Joe Biden had won the presidential election. This followed an industry boom that has been developing in recent months.

Concerns over recent violent protests in all of the major U.S. cities and fears that re-electing President Donald Trump would instigate more violent responses led to a spike in gun sales over the last few months. During the same time period, fears that Democrats would gain a supermajority and enact more stringent gun laws also reportedly fueled gun purchases.

But a lack of violence in response to Biden’s win and the Democrats’ failure to secure a supermajority appears to have quelled the fears of potential gun owners, leading to a steep drop in sales over the last week.

Pfizer’s announcement that an experimental COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective in preventing the disease has made other “stay-at-home” stocks drop in the last week as well. Sales of camping and hunting gear, sporting goods and ammunition have all suffered. [ ]


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