Sunday, June 4, 2023

TV Listings Jan. 14-19

What to Watch on the Tube


Thursday 14

“The Event” (HBO Max streaming anytime) Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck jumps on the “unscripted” bandwagon with this docu-reality series that goes behind the scenes of the extraordinary events (such as the annual Academy Awards Oscars Party) created by Wolfgang Puck Catering and legendary restaurateur who owns it.

Friday 15

“Tandav” (Amazon Prime streaming anytime) You’ve seen plenty of American and British political thrillers, so why not one from India? Set in the capital city of the world’s largest democracy, New Delhi, this drama promises to rip open “the closed, chaotic doors of power and manipulation and uncover the darkest lanes of Indian politics.” Just don’t expect a lot of sex.

“Bling Empire” (Netflix streaming anytime) If you love reality series about the sons and daughters of ridiculously wealthy ethnic families partying, dressing well and trying to become “social influencers” in Los Angeles … well, here’s another show for you. The fabulous shop-drink-selfie crowd on display here are all Asian-American. Because representation … matters?

“WandaVision” (Disney+ streaming anytime) Disney finally lets loose with its first Marvel Universe series. This one follows the domestic adventures of magical mutant the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and her robotic hubby Vision (Paul Bettany) as they … well, it’s hard to say. Seems like some major extradimensional weirdness is happening as our superpowered heroes appear to be navigating something akin to the history of domestic sitcoms on TV.

“Secrets of Sulphur Springs” (Disney 6pm) Disney goes all “Eerie, Indiana” for this supernatural/sci-fi series about 12-year-old boy and his thrill-seeking classmate who discover a secret portal that allows them to go back in time and discover clues about a young girl who disappeared decades ago in their small Louisiana town.

Pipe Dreams (TCM 2am) Soul singer Gladys Knight made her acting debut in this odd 1976 romantic drama about a woman who tries to regain the love of her husband (Knight’s real-life husband at the time, Barry Hankerson) by following him to Alaska.

Saturday 16

Monster Preacher (Oxygen 5pm) Oxygen climbs on board the true crime train with this documentary deep dive examining the life and crimes of Philadelphia pastor Gary Heidnik, who held six women as captives in his basement back in the ’80s.

Sunday 17

“Batwoman” (KWBQ-19 7pm) With actress Ruby Rose out of commission, the second season premiere of The CW’s comic book series starts by asking the question “What Happened to Kate Kane?” Evidently, three years after the caped crusader’s disappearance, she’s been replaced with a newcomer (Javicia Leslie from “God Friended Me.”) 

Monday 18

“Dino Ranch” (Disney Junior 1:55am) Disney Jr.’s newest toon finds a family living on a “pre-westoric” ranch and raising herds of dinky dinosaurs—which sounds like a kid’s dream come true.

“People Puzzler” (GSN 4pm) Game Show Network’s newest televised challenge invites three contestants to put their pop cultural knowledge to the test by filling out crosswords based on the iconic (and notoriously easy) puzzles in the back of People Magazine.

Tuesday 19

“The Night Caller” (Sundance Now streaming anytime) Sundance Now goes true crime with this Aussie series in which creator-director Thomas Meadmore goes back home to Perth to follow the trail of notorious Aussie serial killer Eric Edgar Cook, who terrified the West Coast town in the 1960s.

Wednesday 20

“Spycraft” (Netflix streaming anytime) Netflix looks into the history of spies and, most importantly, the groundbreaking tools and technology that made their jobs easier and (in some cases) more deadly.


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