Friday, March 24, 2023

Top 5 Best Experiences In ABQ to Gift This Holiday Season


Painting is redefined at Chatter Paint. “We seek to honor you for who you are and want to provide you the space to express your true self.” Paint outside the lines. Nothing beats boredom like smearing paint all over a canvas, walls or each other. Perfect for holiday parties, a fun night with friends or family, a unique date night or for those who want to throw paint at each other. “Can you see Santa’s snowy white beard in blacklight after you have hit him with a paint gun?”

12501 Candelaria Rd. NE Suite J

(505) 433-2735

Remedy Day Spa and Wellness Center has created a place for you to relax, rejuvenate and focus on wellness with a holistic space for wellness classes and workshops. “Our goal is to make high-quality programming more accessible to everyone.” There is a tiered pricing system for classes, memberships and events. You can drop in for classes or come monthly. Their Essential and Elite memberships include massage and body therapies, boutique items, yoga and private soaks. Yoga classes are in Remedy’s studio, or as live hybrid classes online. Schedule Santa for a massage on December 26!

113 Vassar Dr. SE

(505) 265-9219

Learn to fly and enjoy the sky in a unique aerial trike flying machine. During your Special 20-Minute Flight or a One-Hour Discovery Flight, you'll be able to take the controls of the trike and learn the basics of how the plane flies, turns, climbs and descends. Want your license? Learn to fly a light sport aircraft and get your sport pilots’ license at the Double Eagle II Airport. You will be guided by an FAA Certified flight instructor through ground school to completion of flight training. “Wonder if Santa wants to trade in his sled?” 

Double Eagle Airport II

(505) 377-1262


“As we shine our light brightly, we invite others to likewise shine.” The Yoga Art Space offers a wide range of yoga, meditation and creative arts classes. Yoga classes include hatha, aerial, vinyasa, restorative and chair yoga. There’s a variety of workshops offered throughout the year, and personal training sessions are available. They encourage healing and growth with private breathwork sessions and other personalized attention. Stimulate your creativity, learning and passion with their paint nights and weekly book clubs. Ms. Claus wants to try aerial yoga classes and fly like Santa!

8338 Comanche Rd. NE

(505) 310-7457

Legends, folklore, ghost stories and history come to life on this 90-minute, lantern-lit Ghost Tour of Old Town adventure. Search for the lost souls of early residents, Civil War phantoms, spooks, specters, wandering apparitions and over one dozen other ghosts who have made Old Town their eternal home. “Come with an open mind and decide for yourself the possibility of the existence of ghosts.” Residents, employees and tourists have all experienced unexplained phenomena … including a few strange things in photos taken during the tour. “Rudolph says look for the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’.”

303 Romero St. NW Plaza Don Luis Suite N120

(505) 246-8687


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