Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Sustainable Vintage Shop Opens in El Vado

Swan Song Offers a Variety Of Second-Hand Clothing and Sustainable Products


A new and woman-owned sustainable goods store has opened up its doors in the thriving El Vado complex in West Downtown. Nestled between a host of other small businesses and motels in the area, Swan Song offers a variety of quality second-hand clothing and a number of sustainable and eclectic items. Swan Song's emphasis is on sustainability, so anything that the store offers was either sourced from a creditably sustainable partner or has been recycled.

In an interview with The Paper. Swan Song owner Vanessa Dagavarien spoke about the need for a greater market for sustainable goods in Albuquerque and how Swan Song has provided her the opportunity to pursue a cause that she is passionate about. As a single parent, Dagavarien noted that, through Swan Song, she has the freedom and time to run the business with her young daughter. "It's really important to me that I set an example for her and could stay true to myself," Dagavarien said.

Swan Song has been open for two weeks but has already found an enthusiastic customer base for reused and sustainable goods in Albuquerque. The eclectic offerings of the store are immediately evident from just the outside. Once inside, the interior is a colorful mix of high-end, second-hand clothes that would appeal to any fashion taste. A mix of other offerings includes tote bags, sweets, soaps and just about anything else someone can think of.

Dagavarien noted that the community in Albuquerque already has a rich interest in vintage clothing. Dagavarien sources the majority of her clothes from estate sales and thrift shops from around town. Because of the eclectic community that calls Albuquerque home, Dagavarien has had little problem sourcing from Albuquerque.

When asked why she chose El Vado for her shop, she noted that the iconic shopping district has a strong sense of community and is also a prime location for small businesses. "I wanted to have a sense of community. I was looking in Old Town and some other places, but getting a small space with some foot traffic is really hard. So I'm really lucky to have some foot traffic, and there is a sense of community here. All the shops are supportive of one another," Dagavarien said.

Swan Song has been open for two weeks, and Dagavarien is enthusiastic to continue doing business in El Vado and be a part of the community of small businesses in the lively location. "We're environmentally responsible and woman-owned, along with the majority of my vendors. I also think it's really reasonable. I'm trying to be somewhere between high-end and a bargain store. I'm trying to keep it finding fun vintage while also being good quality that is also something that people can afford," Dagaverian said.


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