Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sheriff Claims Mayor May Be Behind Sex Toy Drone Attack Against Him

"Dong Copter" Is Frequent Visitor to Albuquerque Campaign Events


You can't make this stuff up.

During a campaign event Tuesday night, a drone dangling a rainbow-colored dildo interrupted a speech by the county sheriff running for mayor and a man who tried to save it from capture was arrested after he allegedly assaulted the sheriff and staff in the process.

Because it is 2021, the "dildo drone" has its own Twitter account which captured the drone in action.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court, Kaelan Ashby Dreyer, 20, was arrested for battery and resisting an officer after he allegedly took a swing at the sheriff when off-duty officers attempted to take him into custody.

Kaelan Ashby Dreyer, 20, (BCSO)

Sheriff Accuses Mayor of Coordinating Drone Strike

That was the end of the story until the sheriff decided to hold a press conference on Wednesday where he accused the campaign of his rival, incumbent Mayor Tim Keller, of being behind the stunt. From the Albuquerque Journal:

“Those people were planted there,” Gonzales said. “They went there. They didn't go over there to have a civil discourse, they were there to disrupt. And they did act out that violence. So to me, it's very intentional.”

He said it was possible they were sent from the rival campaign of fellow Democrat and incumbent Mayor Tim Keller.

“It became so distracting from the sound and everything I couldn't really get my point across,” Gonzales said. “I was trying to answer one of the lady's questions that was with this group of four that were political operatives for somebody, I believe possibly the other campaign. So for me, I was surprised. And it was distracting.”

Albuquerque JOURNAL, June 2, 2021

For their part, Keller's campaign denounced the stunt as immature and denied any involvement.

Dong Copter Responds

After news of Dreyer's arrest, the Twitter account @DongCopter505 released a statement saying Dreyer was acting independently and was not associated with the drone.

In the statement, the author claims that other video shows that Dreyer did not strike Gonzales and points out that had deputies on the scene been wearing on-body video devices, the incident would be available for public review. Gonzales previously refused to require cameras on deputies until a state law required him to do so.

The sex toy drone (the Twitter account for the drone requests the media to call it a "sex machine" but that terminology is not in our style guide) also appeared outside Legacy Church during a recent campaign visit by Republican Mark Moores who later lost the Congressional special election by 24 points.

Courtesy @DongCopter505

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