Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Seattle Company Picks ABQ For Relocation

Lancs Industries picks ABQ for new facility and 75 new


Largest manufacturer of radiation shielding and containment products in North America will soon be operating from New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE – Lancs Industries, the largest manufacturer of radiation shielding and
containment products in North America, will soon call the Albuquerque region home,
following a relocation from the Seattle, Washington region.

The manufacturing operation of Lancs Industries at complete ramp up will create more
than 75 jobs in Albuquerque and deliver an economic impact in the first full year of
operation of more than $10 million.

Lancs Industries produces products that facilitate the safe handling of radioactive nuclear waste and provide shielding from nuclear emissions. The company has produced over 80% of the radiation shielding used in United States nuclear power plants and Naval facilities and is one of the largest producers of flexible lead-free
shielding products made from tungsten, bismuth, and iron. Lancs is a supplier to Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, and to companies and agencies in over 15 countries outside the United States. A
producer of containment products used in medical and pharmaceutical research and
manufacturing, Lancs also began producing PPE at the onset of the Covid-19

“When we began exploring the region as a potential new headquarters for our business
in late 2019, Albuquerque Economic Development (AED) provided key information that
made the decision easy - insightful economic data on the region, comparisons to other
markets, and key referrals to numerous business, government, energy, and financial
service professionals which assisted our market evaluation and decision-making
process. Another important opportunity is the state’s Job Training Incentive Program
(JTIP),” said Lewis Byrd, Lancs Industries President.

The company has made a permanent investment in the region, purchasing a 26,000
square foot facility in the Renaissance Center with the assistance of Jim Smith of

“Albuquerque stands apart from the crowd as a leader for businesses looking to expand and grow. Lancs Industries is another great example of a national company making Albuquerque their home base,” said Mayor Keller. “We’re working hard to keep adding to our momentum in creating jobs and opportunity so we can get back to our pre-pandemic growth.”

Albuquerque Economic Development supports business expansions in the region as well as business relocations, providing early market analysis, site selection, access to labor and incentive support. “It is a tremendously encouraging indication of the value proposition of our market to see a strong uptick in interest and commitments being made by companies like Lancs Industries,” added Danielle Casey, AED President & CEO.

Lancs Industries is completing renovations and will begin recruitment of the Albuquerque workforce later this month.

About Lancs Industries

Since its founding in 1974, Lancs Industries has built a reputation as the premier manufacturer of shielding and containment products in the nuclear power and hazardous waste remediation sectors and has continued to increase its product offerings in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.  For more information about Lancs Industries, visit www.lancsindustries.com


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