Friday, March 24, 2023

Review: Choice Buds

Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Strains


Spring has nearly sprung, and we here at The Rolling Paper couldn’t be more excited to set it popping. The bees are blooming and the flowers are buzzing, and hot dang if the general mood around these parts doesn’t seem to be getting better.

It’s not just the weather that’s making everything feel lighter and brighter. If recreational cannabis is legalized (and the chances look good), we’ll be seeing a lot of new faces shopping for weed around these parts starting next year, and it won’t just be patients that come looking for strain recommendations.

Take a big whiff, dear reader. That is the smell of freedom. And pot.

Boy Scout Cookies

One of our favorite Girl Scout Cookie phenotypes is Boy Scout Cookies. It smells like buttery pastries, as its name implies, and tastes almost minty. This sweet and rich strain is as close to a perfect hybrid as you’re likely to find. The sativa side of this flower will inspire euphoria, nonlinear thinking and laughter. Meanwhile, the indica side will smooth out tension and manage pain. This strain is great for treating pain, depression, anxiety and edginess. It’s also good at sending users down strange research holes, so be wary of odd Reddit threads or YouTube channels while smoking it.


Here’s a relaxing hybrid that leans toward the indica side and will help tranquilize even the most amped-up individuals. Petrochem smells pungent and sharp and tastes spicy and tangy. It delivers a potent body high and an even more portent sedative. Aches and pains will disappear under its heady haze, and anxiety will be washed away. This strain could be especially beneficial to those suffering from pain, tension or insomnia. This is definitely a nighttime weed, so be sure you’re close to a comfy spot before you start smoking.

Apple Turnover

This strain is a deeply calming indica. It will mellow you out and leave you zonked on the couch, staring at the wall and thinking about nothing in particular. With the constant influx of information in our daily lives, this strain offers something many of us are missing: a peaceful moment of psychic radio silence. It will turn you into a zombie, for sure, so stay away from it during the day. But when the sun goes down and it’s time to unwind, Apple Turnover is a perfect flower with which to pack your bowl. It tastes tangy and sharp, with a citrusy top.

Sundae Strudel

Yet another calming indica-dominant hybrid on our list, Sundae Strudel is a sensuous delight of flavor. It tastes sweet and woody with a hint of buttery floral notes and smells of citrus and pine. But this strain’s power to relax the body and free the mind is what makes it truly shine. While not a seriously sleepy flower, it will loosen the joints and make you feel like you’re floating on air. This strain is great at battling pain and muscle tension, and would likely prove beneficial to those suffering from headaches or who work long hours in a physical capacity.


This special strain is famously high in CBD. Local cultivators generally breed B4 with a lower level of THC than most other strains to allow patients looking for full-spectrum medicine without an over-the-top buzz. This grassy and woody-tasting strain is known to enhance mood, encourage laughter and treat aches and pains. Thanks to the high CBD content of this flower, it’s usually associated with pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a great strain to smoke during the day, since it’s not very likely to leave you dopey or acting weird.

Grandpa’s OG Frosted Flakes

This hybrid ain’t your grandpa’s—No. Wait. Actually, it is your Grandpa’s OG Frosted Flakes. This strain is a great companion for those long, stressful days that never seem to end. Its indica-dominant qualities are relaxing without putting you to sleep or locking you to the couch. This flower delivers an incredibly satisfyingly, soothing body high that could benefit patients struggling with pain, tension or stress. It tastes sweet and herbal, with fruity hints.


One last relaxing strain for our farewell to winter! Slurricane is a hybrid that has a body high like no other. From the first hit, you’ll experience a pleasant tingling that will overtake your body and send you floating through the clouds. This strain is especially euphoric and relaxing, and it’s just even-keeled enough to leave you awake to enjoy the experience. It’s a great flower for exploring the slower movies on your Netflix queue, as you will likely forget you even have a body while using this one. It would be perfect for those suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain or ADHD.


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