Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ready to Go Plastic Free? The ABQ BioPark is Recruiting for Its Plastic-Free Eco-Challenge Team


The ABQ BioPark is participating in 2022's Plastic Free Ecochallenge, which encourages people to actively cut plastic use throughout July. The BioPark is now calling on community members to join its team and make a difference for the earth and wildlife!

Teams from across the world participate in the challenge, which inspires people to take eco-friendly actions like skipping plastic bags when shopping, using reusable utensils, purchasing products with sustainable or no packaging, using eco-deodorant or making homemade pet treats instead of purchasing them from the store. Team members input their daily eco-friendly actions into the website and help earn points for their team. 

"We are excited to participate in this challenge, which helps people create good habits of reducing and refusing single-use plastics," said Keith Crow, the ABQ BioPark's team organizer. "We encourage community members to join our team to participate in this month-long challenge, which will help us all develop new habits with reducing plastics." 

The ABQ BioPark is a title sponsor of the event. People can join the ABQ BioPark's team here:

Reducing plastic use and plastic pollution is as important as ever. Inspired by the Australian-founded initiative, Plastic Free July, Plastic Free Ecochallenge is a month-long international challenge to raise awareness about the problems with plastic in the environment. It aims to provide opportunities for individuals to learn about refusing and reducing plastics in their everyday lives and encourages them to create small changes that can have a huge impact.


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