Sunday, April 2, 2023

Opinion: Rewarding bad behavior


I was always taught and believed that bad behavior would be punished. There were consequences for lying. Criminals would be jailed. Bullies would be punished. Immoral behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. But all that has changed under Trump.

He keeps being rewarded for bad behavior. Our children are witnessing a complete shift in societal and political standards.

If you get caught in a lie, tell a bigger lie to cover it up. Or better yet, blame someone else!

Throw a friend or co-worker under the bus. It’s the new American way. Take no responsibility for your mistakes.

We’ve been showing our children for four years that there are no longer role models, moral codes, rules, laws or consequences for breaking them. And while a significant number of people have spoken up to shine a light on this culture of misinformation and betrayals, a frightening number have stood quietly by.

They’ve perpetuated this dangerous behavior with their silence. When do we say enough is enough?

If Trump gets another four years, we’ve given him the green light to do anything he wants with no restraints. He will up the ante, causing real, permanent damage to this country. It will reinforce the message to our children that the bad guy can, does and will continue to win.


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