Sunday, April 2, 2023

New Mexico Bike Shops Come Together to Increase Inclusivity

Local Shops Donate Parts to Custom Bike to Benefit Nonprofit


New Mexico bike stores came together in the construction of a one-of-a-kind custom bike to benefit RIDE, an organization that advocates for the human rights, equality, respect, representation and privacy of the LGBTQIA community within sport and outdoor industries. The raffle is organized by Dillen Maurer, owner of Baphomet Bicycles.

In an interview with The Paper. Maurer commended the New Mexico bike shops for joining the project and the push to diversify the sport and increase its inclusivity. "I had this bike that I was putting together, and I decided that I might as well use it for something more fun anyway. So I reached out to a bunch of companies to see if they were willing to donate parts, and the response was really overwhelming, to have everyone so willing to jump in."

Maurer's shop, Baphomet Bicycles, is also more than just a bike shop. Baphomet Bicycles is focused on the reallocation of wealth. The income brought in by the company's high-end and highly sought-after custom bikes is distributed to a number of social and environmental advocacy groups, most notable among them being Planned Parenthood. With their latest work, Maurer is aiming to further the inclusivity of the sport.

"Originally, it was just going to be an auction. But I decided that I'd rather have it be a raffle, in which case someone who couldn't afford a nice bicycle necessarily could end up winning it," Maurer said. Maurer reached out to RIDE and offered the proceeds to the organization. In doing so Maurer commented that he hopes that the bike will allow someone to enjoy and fall in love with the sport. 

Maurer, a former professional cyclocross racer, hopes that organizations such as RIDE will change the historic demographic of the sport. "When I was racing, it was just a bunch of moderately wealthy white people, and that has how it has been for far too long. It was just a bunch of people with income to burn."

In an homage to the bike shops and the bike's origin, the bike has deliberately painted the colors of a New Mexico license plate.

Maurer estimates that the raffle has raised over $7,000 so far. For anyone interested in entering the raffle, visit Baphomet Cycling's website. The raffle will be closed by October 20, and the winner will be announced shortly after. Entries are $20. 


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