Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Multiple Violations Reported at Estancia Cannabis Facility Under Investigation for Human Trafficking


In a legislative hearing in Las Cruces earlier this week, Superintendent of Licensing and Regulation, Linda Trujillo said that her office met with the FBI, the Attorney General and the Cannabis Control Division about the investigation into a cannabis production facility near Estancia.

She did not comment further on the investigation.

On June 12, according to a report from the Cannabis Control Division, Grown Farm in Estancia was inspected and at least 26 violations were found. The more egregious violations included not having adequate space for chemical storage and piles of trash such as cigarette butts were observed throughout the facility. The report noted that there were chemicals found in walkways as well as in and around the facilities.

The CCD found no Fire Marshal inspection had been completed at the time for the facilities, either. There were no security systems installed and operating when the CCD completed their inspection.

On Aug. 10, the AG’s office confirmed they were investigating a cannabis production facility for human trafficking at the same location as the farm in Estancia that had been inspected by the CCD in June.

The FBI, U.S.  Attorney's Office and the CCD have not commented on the ongoing investigation as of press time.


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