Monday, May 29, 2023

More Women Come Forward With Sexual Harrassment Claims Against Legislator

Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto Accused in Eight More Incidents


It seems that, along with the accusations in February of lobbyist Marianna Anaya, Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto's (D-Albuquerque) serial harassment of female colleagues and lobbyists is coming to the forefront. Today, in "An Open Letter to the State Senators of New Mexico," members of Common Cause New Mexico and Equality New Mexico, among other groups, stated:

"It appears now that Ms. Anaya’s experience fits within a larger pattern of alleged misconduct involving Senator Ivey-Soto. Since publishing our open letter on February 24, 2022, members of our organizations have been contacted by many other women who have suffered sexual harassment, gender-based bullying, or inappropriate advances from Senator Ivey-Soto. Some members of our organizations have also stepped forward to share stories of their own."

The letter then goes on to detail eight incidents of harassment, sexual and otherwise, by Ivey-Soto against several women, many of them lobbyists, and a few of which were witnessed by others. It also alleges that Ivey-Soto screamed in the face of a school colleague while pinning her against a wall while he was in graduate school at UNM; the incident was investigated and confirmed. All of the women involved in these reported incidents came forward after Anaya's letter became public in February.

"Were Senator Ivey-Soto to remain in his position–or were the Senate to allow him to remain there–it would send a clear message that the elected leaders of our state are willing to tolerate serial sexual harassment, the abuse of women, and the abuse of power," the letter stated.

None of the members of the Senate's Interim Ethics Committee who were contacted replied to The Paper. when asked which steps they would be taking to investigate or discipline Ivey-Soto. The Paper. contacted a spokesperson for the House leadership but did not hear back as of press time.

When the initial letter from Anaya was sent, The Paper. spoke with Ivey-Soto, who denied any form of harassment toward her or other women. "I am befuddled and bewildered," he said.

No charges have been filed so far against the legislator.


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