Friday, September 29, 2023

Long-time New Mexico Journalist Set to Take the lead at The Paper.


Changes are afoot at The Paper.

After more than 10 years covering all things New Mexico for various outlets, I’m elated to announce that I’m taking the helm next month as editor of Albuquerque’s only alt-weekly newspaper, as well as the widely circulated monthly cannabis publication The Rolling Paper.

Some readers may already know that I’m fresh off a nearly year-long stint at the Santa Fe Reporter, where I covered cannabis, public safety, local government and the city’s Southside. Prior to my time covering the City Different, I covered politics and cannabis for nearly a decade at New Mexico Political Report. While waving around my flag of accomplishments doesn’t always come naturally to me, I am proud of the long list of awards I’ve amassed in the past decade or so, namely a first place Top of the Rockies award I share with one of my best friends and top-notch journo Jeff Proctor for the work we did to expose the secrecy in how state lawmakers dealt with allegations of bullying and harassment against Democratic Sen. Daniel of Ivey-Soto of Albuquerque.

Some folks might also remember me as part of the team that launched the popular Growing Forward podcast—a collaboration between New Mexico PBS and New Mexico Political Report—which followed the cannabis legalization process in New Mexico.

But enough self-clasped handshaking.

I’m taking a much needed break through the end of the month, but I assure residents of Albuquerque that I’m chomping at the bit to get started and bring the weekly news to you Burqueños that you don’t get from more traditional papers.

I’ve long admired the work alt-weeklies do for their communities and I can’t wait to get knee-deep in continuing that trend in the community I’ve been a part of since I was a preschooler at Christina Kent, all the way through my time at the University of New Mexico.

I also offer my assurance and promise to Albuquerque and its surrounding areas that along with news, I’ll make sure that The Paper. remains the hub for arts and culture coverage as well as serving as the clearinghouse for local events.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I’ll strive to hold those in power accountable and quite frankly, call out bullshit when we see it. I’m beyond grateful for this new opportunity and can’t wait to show you all what this paper can do. As a resident of Albuquerque for nearly 40 years, I know our city is not shiny and polished, and I like to think we wear that as a badge of honor. But our city is figuratively and literally on fire right now and I don’t have any qualms saying that.

I’ll officially take the reins as editor of both The Paper. and The Rolling Paper. on Sept. 5, but rest assured, until then I’ll be out in the community connecting with folks. So if you see me around, feel free to give me the ol’ what for, or you know, just say hi.


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