Friday, March 24, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Why We Need to Be Paying Attention to the Warnock/Walker Race and the Hypocrisy of Being "Saved by Grace"


Submitted by Martha Lelko, concerned Albuquerque voter

You may think living in New Mexico that there’s no need to pay attention to what’s going on in the Congressional race in Georgia. But there is. Because all that you need to understand about what’s going on in our country regarding democracy, religion, truth and morality can be found by looking at the Warnock / Walker congressional race. One is a minister who lives by his faith and the other a football player who lives by his lies. 

There was a time when the religious community would have completely embraced the pastor who lives a life of Christian values, integrity and represents their beliefs. But their judgement has been clouded by greed, power, intolerance of religious, personal and political differences and their single focus to end all abortions. A philandering, ineloquent football player who spouts crazy theories about science and pretends to be a sheriff is their guy. 

How ironic that the man who fathered numerous children outside of his marriage, recommended and paid for abortions is now who they’re choosing to support. A man whose litany of lies about his accomplishments would be comical if he wasn’t running to serve in Congress. Hypocrisy is apparently tolerated and even rewarded if after your many sins you declare you were “Saved by Grace”. These are empty, meaningless words being used as a magic wand to justify past and continued immoral behavior. 

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone sins. The difference is the Warnocks of the world apologize and atone for them and work to be better. The Walkers lie, dismiss and excuse their wrong doings while continuing to sin. Our former President has been a role model for liars, cheaters, bullies, and a shocking number of those who call themselves Christians. They trade in misinformation and delusions. 

Mike Pence spent his career in governance combining his strong Christian faith with politics. Yet he stood by while Trump continually lied, stole money through fake charities, demeaned and bullied the disabled, Gold Star families, journalists and fellow Republicans, all while downplaying a pandemic that killed thousands. How does a true Christian square with that? How do you not condemn someone clamoring to hang you? 

With the midterms just days away, we will soon see who we’ve chosen to lead us forward. Or in the case of Walker, Ronchetti, Herrell, Johnson, Lake and Mastriano— to name a few of the extremist candidates across our country — who will take us backwards. Or lead to the demise of our electoral process and along with it, our democracy. 


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