Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Ronchetti Wants You To Drink Your Ovaltine!


Submitted by Rich Guay

For those New Mexicans planning on voting for Mark Ronchetti, I would like to offer the indefatigable optimist Ralphie Parker of Christmas Story fame, as a cautionary tale. Like Ralphie, and his feverish obedience to Orphan Annie’s Secret Society, you will quickly develop buyers remorse if Mark Ronchetti becomes Governor Ronchetti. Ralphie diligently towed Nestle’s corporate line only to become crestfallen when the company’s intentions were finally realized.

Right now the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) is depositing surfeit amounts of out of state cash in an attempt to have New Mexicans imbibe the christian conservative narrative and their cool-aide version of Ovaltine.   

Just like for Ralphie, hapless - with decoder ring in hand - the Ronchetti voter will be left holding their ballot asking “WTF?!” Ralphie had every reason to believe joining Little Orphan Annie’s army would mean having a hand in the removal of the ills of her bully-rich environment. Similarly, Ronchetti’s base, bellies warmed by RGA Ovaltine, believe their candidate - with their help - will counter the evils of the “bully in Santa Fe.”

I want not, and cannot, fault Ronchetti fans for wishing New Mexico, him and themselves all the best. However, in order to avoid our delightful protagonist’s heartbreak -turned anger- please understand that every shiny arrow in Ronchetti’s wrapped-and-bowed- quiver must pass through the tungsten defenses of the New Mexico House of Representatives, and the New Mexico State Senate.

Note: The current make-up of the New Mexico Legislature stands at: House/ 45 -24-1 in favor of the democrats; and Senate/ 26-15-1 in favor of the democrats. Factually and logistically half of his arrows will acquiesce to the immutable laws of gravity and plummet to the grounds of the Roundhouse. The other half fortunate enough to advance through six committee referrals will disintegrate at impact on either Chamber’s floor. All that Ronchetti can possibly deliver is false hope. I personally would never disqualify any candidate for the simple reason he or she is a weatherperson, but I am disqualifying - for pragmatic reasons alone - Ronchetti solely for the fact that his promises and policies are mathematical non-starters. Ronchetti simply cannot deliver.  


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