Sunday, April 2, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Pardon Me!


Submitted by Rich Guay

If guilty…convict him, but pardon him. Deliberate and conciliatory secular action has born transcendent policies which have reinforced our republics’ enviable tradition of peaceful transitions of power. If up to me - harkening back to the era of exiled autocratic fascists - the race-baiting, fear-mongering, divisionist, misogynistic Donald J Trump would be licking his “big-lie” wounds on Elba, cringing to the testimony of his own judicial appointees running on a loop debunking his farcical (and sociopathic) claims that 74 million votes betters 81 million. 

It is, however, unequivocally not up to me and steadier minds will come to a conclusion and make the perhaps seemingly indigestible decision to pardon the former President - if he were to be convicted. He should NEVER be forgiven for trying to dismantle the very fabric of our democracy in the name of personal fame and absolute power. The United States of America deserves to station Trump in the corridors of the worst presidential experiments in our history. 

Forget the fact that he and his oligarchy willfully exploited one of the more ignorant, morally questionable, and desperate constituencies in America. Forget his disgusting vision to create an “America - a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Inc.” - from the ashes of a a constitutional Republic. Forget his assaults on the free press and women’s rights. Forget his boy-like crushes on the world’s despots. Forget that he is an unrepentant cheat, liar and phony. Forget all that Trump is, save the fact he is the titular head of a racist and bigoted groundswell bent on total annihilation of American democracy, and pardon the SOB. Yes. Pardon him if convicted. 

In doing so, Biden - the consummate American statesman - will take the high road and save this country by pardoning the wretch. It will show that the very design of our American experiment can withstand and repel tyrannical forces all the while welcoming back into the fold those lost, angry, and afraid who fell under a tyrants’ spell. Unfortunately for the percentage of Trump’s followers that marched under his MAGA flag, in the name of racial purity and xenophobia, little will sway their efforts to make a martyr of him. But with Biden’s steady, grandfatherly pen perhaps we can convince those with a modicum of acumen to put his lying, hateful conflagration of an agenda to bed…hopefully collectively on a giant “My Pillow.”


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