Sunday, May 28, 2023

Last Minute Gift Guide: Pets


Friends and family aren't the only ones who will be bringing you holiday joy this season. Show the animals in your life that they matter by getting them a gift that they'll love as much as you love them.

There’s no better way to show your pet you love them than by giving them a long and healthy life, and the best way to do that is to provide the proper exercise and nutrition that their bodies need. For the best pet health food, visit Long Leash On Life, a health food and supply store that lets pet parents say goodbye to processed pet foods and take control of their besties’ nutrition.

9800 Montgomery Blvd. NE #13


Give that dirty dog in your life the gift of a fresh, at-home bath with Wagon Wash Mobile Grooming—and give the rest of your family the gift of an odor-free holiday. This unique service will bring professional pet groomers directly to your home, where your furry friend can receive a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioning, all within sight of the front door. It’s perfect for anxious dogs or those “lone wolf” types.



Some dogs need extra help adjusting to a new home or dealing with trauma. Other dogs have trouble socializing. And some special dogs simply refuse to answer to anyone but themselves. Well the Academy For Canine Excellence is ready to help. Their expert trainers know just how to get your pooch behaving without using punishments or negative reinforcement. The academy is ready to work with all breeds and most temperaments, and they even train service dogs!

3804 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE Suite B2


Animal-lovers are in for a treat when they visit Boofy’s Best, the hippest pet supply in ABQ. They have health food, toys and winter wear for all types of companion pets. And their selection of cat toys and accessories is one of the best in town! Remember to pick up some of their famous holiday cookies when you visit, but beware: Just because they look like people cookies doesn’t mean they taste like people cookies.

8201 Golf Course Rd. NW Suite C-2


Has your pet been spoiled enough as it is? If so, consider donating gifts to a pet in need. You can help the city’s Animal Welfare Department by donating toys, treats, beds, brushes, blankets, towels, collars, harnesses and any other pet comfort gifts to go to homeless animals in Albuquerque. Donations for Operation Silent Night will be accepted through Dec. 31 at donation drops around the city. Celebrate the season by showing off your giving spirit.



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