Thursday, September 21, 2023

Kickstand Cafe "Reopens"

New Owners Celebrate Changeover


Kickstand Cafe and Cycles only opened its doors a year ago in September, so it was unusual to see a "Grand Reopening" party earlier this month at the restaurant and bike shop out in Alameda. But the relatively fresh business just changed hands. "The reopening was more about celebration of new ownership," says proud new owner Derek Roland. "My wife and I, we purchased Kickstand Cafe and Cycles about two months ago. We were working to get everything in order, and finally we're, like, 'We need to throw a party and just enjoy ourselves.' "

In order to "introduce" themselves to the community, Derek and his wife, Carson, brought in live music and a number of local Alameda-area vendors to sell their wares at the Grand Reopening Party. "What we really want to do is continue to promote small businesses in our space. We have 3,200 square feet of retail space, so we have plenty of room to help facilitate that and make it a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy." In addition to the cafe and the full-service bicycle shop, Kickstand also boast a small retail space, vending hats, stickers, jewelry, teas, jams—as many of them locally sourced as possible.

Derek Roland's background is as a CPA. With his history in finance and accounting, he and his wife were "looking for a way to invest in a small business. Just have a different sense of purpose and meaning in our lives." The Rolands knew about Kickstand and "loved the concept, the location and just the environment that was created."

Derek is an avid cyclist who loves mountain biking. So the idea of owning a bicycle shop was a good fit. He admits, however, he has no restaurant experience. "But I have a great team that's helping me learn along the way." Currently, Kickstand Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. A selection of local bakers provide the pastries. Albuquerque coffee roaster Michael Thomas Coffee was brought in to supply the java. "Back to the whole theme of trying to work with other small businesses and try and promote each other," says Derek.

For the cafe side of things, Derek says the focus "is just to really provide a good, simple meal. Nothing overly complicated. We have some really, really good breakfast burritos and tacos, as well as sandwiches. Those are three of my favorites. I'm a breakfast guy, so I'm partial. We also offer some some really tasty panini-pressed sandwiches." Kickstand also added a new espresso machine. "So were really dialing in and making some really good specialty coffee drinks."

According to Derek, "There's really not a ton of options here on the Alameda corridor before your cross the Rio Grande. So it's been well received by all our neighborhood locals. In fact we have a ton of reoccurring customers, which is awesome." The way he sees it, Kickstand "provides a place for people to walk to and come spend a couple hours with us. Just to get away from their house, where they're working, get away from the busyness of life."

Though the Carsons have expanded the size and scope of the business since taking over, the plan for the immediate future is to "not do anything drastic." Nonetheless, the new owners would like to host more events in the space: local product showcases, music concerts and even some educational events. "Coming from finance and accounting, I'd like to host some financial workshops/seminars for small business owners," says Derek.

Of course, biking remains a central theme for events as well. "Maybe a weekly or monthly cycling community event where we ride down to the Bosque. Ride down to Bike-In Coffee and support them as well. I think there's just a lot of really cool businesses along the way that we can stop by and grab a cup of coffee or grab some food."

In addition to feeding customers and repairing traditional bicycles, Kickstand also sells and rents electric bikes. "Being that we're located near the Bachechi Open Space, it's just a nice place for people to stop, rent a bike for a couple of hours and ride down to the Bosque. Just see Albuquerque in a different light."

Kickstand Cafe and Cycles is located at 1127 Alameda Blvd. NW The cafe is open Tuesday through Sunday, 8am to 2pm. The cycle shop is open Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 6pm and 9am to 3pm on weekends.


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