Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Kewa Pueblo Restores Housing In Historic Village

More Than 150 Homes Traditional Homes Will Be Repaired


Kewa Pueblo tribal leaders hosted an open house for federal and state officials to celebrate the first newly restored traditional adobe home within the Kewa Pueblo main village. Kewa Pueblo is formerly known as the Santo Domingo Pueblo, located just south of Santa Fe.

Between 2013 and 2014 severe weather damaged hundreds of homes in the Pueblo. Since then, the housing shortage has only continued to grow, affecting multigeneration households in the community. Throughout the past year, these conditions were exacerbated by the pandemic and made quarantine extremely difficult for residents. Despite the challenges of funding this project, the Pueblo has remained committed to providing safe, healthy housing options. Tribal leaders announced even more homes will be rehabilitated within the year. With the support of federal and state funding, the Pueblo has begun to address the dire conditions of over 150 traditional adobe homes located in the center of the ancient village.

“The Pueblo of Kewa should be commended for the tremendous work that has gone into making this initiative possible. Families in this historic village can once again return home and be a part of their ancestral community. The Lujan Grisham administration and our department are incredibly proud to have been a part of the solution to this housing crisis,” said Indian Affairs Cabinet Secretary Lynn Trujillo.

Funding for this project included:

2 Million in Capital Outlay from the State of New Mexico

1.4 Million from the State of New Mexico’s allocation of CARES Act funds

70k from Indian Affairs Department from FY20 and FY21


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