Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Judges, Bonds and Amendments, Oh My!


Easy Pickings for Some

Numero Uno

It appears that approved Constitutional Amendment number one that changes the way members of the PRC are selected by having the governor appoint them for six-year terms in 2023. In addition it tightens the scope of the PRC’s constitutionally granted regulatory powers to public utilities such as gas, oil, electric, cable, etc. It will still allow the legislature to delegate responsibility for the regulation of other public service companies to the commission as it sees fit.

Numero Dos

Voters also went along with allowing the State Legislature to adjust the terms of state, county or district officials in order to stagger elections of these offices. This amendment also will clarify that those elected to fill a vacancy will take office on the first day of January following their election.

GO! GO! GO Bonds

General obligation bonds are financial mechanisms that let government entities borrow money against property tax revenue to pay for mainly capital improvements such as buildings, roads and equipment.

Three statewide bonds totaling about $200 million were up for a vote. They were approved. These include $33.2 million for senior centers, $9.75 million for libraries and $156.3 million for higher education, special schools and tribal schools capital improvements.

Bernalillo County had six bond requests totaling about $65 million on the ballot. It appeared at press time that voters gave the thumbs up/thumbs down to $2.25 million for libraries, $13.45 million for county and public safety facilities improvements, $16.8 million for parks and recreation improvements, $4.3 million for transportation improvements as roadway, pedestrian and bicycle path improvements, $2.25 million for storm drainage and utilities improvements, $1.5 million for public housing and $25 million for flood control.

You Say Hello, I Say Good-Bye

Two Second Judicial District Judges were recommended to be pitched out by the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission: Judge Christina P. Argyres and Jacqueline Dolores Flores. It appears that neither secured enough votes to secure their seats. [ ]


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