Monday, May 29, 2023

"Danger to the Community": Feds Move To Detain Couy Griffin Until Trial

He's a "danger to the community" and an "inflammatory provocateur and fabulist who engages in racist invective and propounds baseless conspiracy theories," say feds


Couy Griffin won't be making the inauguration Wednesday if federal prosecutors get their way.

Describing Couy Griffin as a "danger to the community" and an "inflammatory provocateur and fabulist who engages in racist invective and propounds baseless conspiracy theories," federal prosecutors on Tuesday moved to detain Otero County Commissioner and Cowboys For Trump Founder Couy Griffin until trial.

Griffin was arrested on Sunday after returning to the US Capitol where he filmed himself inside secure areas of the Capitol's inauguration planning area. He subsequently posted a new video calling for a second rally promising "blood running from the building" and proclaiming that "there would never be a Biden presidency."

Meanwhile, back in New Mexico, efforts are underway to remove Griffin from his elected position on the Otero County Commission. A citizens' group already organizing a recall got support from state Attorney General Hector Balderas who said he would review legal options to remove Griffin from office.

Cowboy For Trump All Hat, No Horse: Calls for Couy Griffin's Resignation Resound | The Paper

Court documents filed midday Tuesday in DC-area federal court reveal more about the FBI's investigation of Griffin's activities. Federal agents reviewed multiple videos and news reports, many of which Griffin had posted or created himself, including one where he was asked if his threat regarding blood running from the Capitol was a threat to congressional leaders. "It is," Griffin replied.

The federal court documents describe Couy Griffin as having "no established profession, whether as cowboy, cowboy actor, restauranteur, or otherwise." "The defendant, 47 years old, is a former entertainer, having acted for six years as a western or cowboy performer for the Walt Disney Company in Paris, France," they add.

Prosecutors also note that Griffin is recently divorced and lost visiting rights to his son after he refused to comply with public health mandates, potentially putting the child in danger.

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Griffin's own words were also sourced extensively by prosecutors to justify his detention without bond. Griffin's boasting that "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat" is cited three times in justifying dangerousness, one of two prongs required for prosecutors to prove in order to meet the standard for no-bond detention.

As of Tuesday evening, no hearing date had been set for Griffin who remains in federal custody. He has no attorney on file.


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