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Chello Grill

Does a Persian eatery have some of the best green chile chicken stew around?


One of New Mexico’s biggest winter traditions is enjoying some warm green chile stew. A tradition that has been passed down from generations, New Mexicans have always incorporated the dish into their diets.

It can sometimes turn into a competition or an argument on who has the best stew. There are household names in Albuquerque that have a following from their stew alone, such Frontier and Perea’s, classics here in town.

But did you know that the local Persian eatery in the San Mateo Pavilions, Chello Grill, has some of the best green chile chicken stew you can find around? I know, I know, this can start a riot. Stew not from a traditional New Mexican establishment being the top spot for stew?

It’s all about trying something different. A twist on a classic dish. Some places use beef, others use ground meat, but Chello incorporates their Mediterranean chicken into its creamy base.

Chello’s made-in-house authentic and healthy stew infuses New Mexican and Mediterranean; a creamy base that includes chicken, vegetables and green chile. It’s paired well with its home-baked naan and their specialty teas.

Even though you can’t sit down in the establishment, Chello provides a fresh atmosphere when entering to pick up your order. In a modern touch on decorum, you’re quickly greeted by their friendly staff, who will more than likely give you a sample of their delicious rice when you order their stew.

But you’re not going to want to enjoy your stew inside the building; you’re going to want to eat this by a fire under some blankets as you enjoy the new year.

Chello Grill offers a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes, from gyros to baklava. This is a spot you definitely want to check out.

Chello Grill
5010 Cutler Avenue, Suite A
Neighborhood: Nob Hill
Category: Mediterranean
Phone: (505) 881-2299


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