Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Catch a Ride on ABQ's Big Gay Bus


Yesterday, leaders from the City of Albuquerque and Abq Pride came together to kick off a month of love and show support for our LGBTQ+ community by unveiling a Pride bus wrap.

ABQ Ride unveiled the design of a new Pride bus wrap, curated by an in-house graphic designer who incorporated photos of local Albuquerque residents from previous Pride parades held in the City.

City Council President Pat Davis*, the city's only openly-LGBTQ elected official noted the city's long history of leading from the community. 

“I’m proud that our city is one where residents can look back on 40 years of elected leaders from our community: city councilors like Bob White and Diane Gibson paved the way for me without knowing it. And I’m proud that our city has given me to the chance to follow their footsteps for the past 8 years," said Davis. "I’m leaving office at the end of the year as the president of the council of one of our country’s biggest cities — and of New Mexico’s largest."

"Seeing yourself if someone in power matters and I hope someone looking at us today will see themselves as mayor one day too.”

“ABQ RIDE is proud to be a part of Pride celebrations this year and is grateful for our staff who helped make this possible,” said Transit Director Leslie Keener. “This bus wrap is a symbol of the hard work our department puts in to ensure our services are equitable and inclusive to everyone in the community.”

The ABQ RIDE Pride bus wrap will be displayed throughout the month of June and will be a participant in the 2023 Pride Parade on Saturday, June 10 in Nob Hill.

“In a world that has told us our whole lives that we don’t matter, that we aren’t of value, we know we are deserving of every reminder that the opposite is true,” said Marshall Martinez, Executive Director of Equality New Mexico. “This bus is one of many reminders we deserve, telling us that we belong.”

*Davis is a co-owner of The Paper.


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