Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Blunts: Researchers Roll the Perfect Joint


A new study has found what researchers say is the most efficient way to roll a cannabis joint.

Scientists at the Vancouver-based marijuana and psilocybin research facility Delic Labs say they have learned the best way to grind cannabis flower so that it delivers the best smoking experience to consumers.

The team broke cannabis into one-, three- and five-millimeter-diameter grounds before rolling cannabis pre-rolls with it. They then hooked the joints up to a “smoke cycle simulator,” which inhaled from the joints at a consistent rate. The smoke produced in this way was then analyzed for cannabinoid content.

The researchers unveiled their study at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver last month. They told attendees that they found that 1mm grounds produced the highest levels of cannabinoids—an average of 0.67mg of THC per hit—but were the fastest burning. Meanwhile, 5mm grounds made for longer smoking sessions but only delivered 0.51mg of THC per hit.

The researchers also found that joints with high CBD levels delivered more CBD than high-THC strains delivered THC.

Local Dispensary Robbed

Thieves reportedly broke into at least one cannabis dispensary and a few of its neighboring businesses last week.

According to KRQE, security footage from Trident Cannabis Company showed three individuals breaking into the dispensary around 5am on Sunday, July 10. The robbers allegedly caused extensive damage to the dispensary’s front door and attempted to break into the area of the shop where cannabis is stored.

The perpetrators reportedly fired a single shot into an ATM located in the shop’s lobby in an attempt to steal the cash located inside.

The thieves also broke into two auto repair shops and a Brake Masters that were neighbors with the cannabis dispensary.

Police are still searching for clues that will lead to the identities of the thieves.

ABQ Retailer Dinged for Delta-8 THC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently sent cease and desist letters to six companies that are manufacturing Delta-8 THC-infused edibles in packagers that closely resemble popular food brands consumed by children. One of the companies that was reprimanded was located in Albuquerque.

According to an FTC press release, Nikte’s Wholesale in Albuquerque was accused of violating Section 5 of the FTC Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts in or affecting commerce, including practices that present unwarranted health or safety risks.

The commission said it is particularly concerned about safety risks for children, and Nikte’s Wholesale is manufacturing product packages that could mislead children since they imitate popular non-THC food products.

The company was ordered to stop producing the offending packages and to contact the FTC to detail the specific actions it has taken to fix the problem.

In 2019, the FTC joined the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in sending similar letters to six CBD manufacturers warning that it is illegal to advertise that CBD products can treat, prevent or cure diseases.


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