Saturday, September 30, 2023

Annapurna's Does Chai Time Right

The More Subtle Way to Start Your Day


Most of the time when I wake up, I like to start my day off with a cup of coffee. A normal beverage that the average citizen usually begins their morning with. But every now and then, when I’m feeling a little crazy and want to get rid of those after-coffee-jitters, I’ll grab a chai. An Indian-style beverage filled with flavor and spice.

If you’re looking for the best location for chai in Albuquerque, well the answer is simple. Local vegetarian cafe, Annapurna’s is the spot to go. With four locations, including one in Santa Fe, the tight little Indian spot is the perfect place to go when seeking the perfect chai.

Combining spices that boil in a pot of black tea leaves, she lets the slow-burning process take its time so the ingredients can get to know each other. And when you take your first sip, you are welcomed with comfort and love as Naidoo’s creation wraps its arms around you.

Annapurnas, Silver Ave SE

A Pair Made in Heaven

A great pair with the chai is the simple yet elegant avocado toast. I know, it’s a simple dish; but inside of this common menu appetizer is Annapurna’s twist. The freshly smashed avocado on bread is magic in your mouth, and when you follow it with a gulp of chai, it makes a bad day turn good.

Avacado toast, Annapurna's

Annapurna’s has developed into a staple in Albuquerque’s Indian community. Reaching out to the community since 2002, the eatery has drawn interest from many. An establishment that has thrived off its Ayurvedic balanced menu, there isn’t an item that disappoints. And it’s healthy!

Annapurna’s menu is still available to order through third-party deliveries and curbside.

If you only have one thing...

After some time in the kitchen with founder and president Yashoda Naidoo, I was shown the secret recipe for her chai blend. Now, I can’t give you all the ingredients, but I can say that after witnessing her creation in its glory, it makes sense why this is their most popular beverage.

Anna Purna’s World Vegetarian Cafe
2201 Silver Avenue SE
Neighborhood: Nob Hill
Category: Eatery
Phone: 505-262-2424


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