Friday, September 29, 2023

Albuquerque's Best Sweet Stuff


Carbohydrate freak that I am, I grabbed this category from the assignment list. Sweetheart, have we got sugar. From pies to doughnuts (my fave), you came through with the top contenders for all things sweet and gooey. I suspect lard and butter also are strong in this category, but what-ev. YOLO.

Best Pies

Oh, Flying Star, do you have to display those marvels of meringue and pastry-latticed lovelies RIGHT BESIDE THE FRONT DOOR?! I've barely gotten past the iced cookies and the carrot cake when I am taken in by your pie-wise charms. Fruity or savory, our readers' don't care. They'll eat whichever confections you're serving up.

  1. Flying Star
  2. Golden Panaderia
  3. 66 Diner

Best Bakery

Thank you, readers, for bringing this to favorite bakery to my attention. And for introducing me to the term "Viennoiserie." If the Green Chile Croissant doesn't grab you, the Pecan Sticky Buns will. Top it all off with a Burque Fog for caffeine's sake. Then purchase a loaf of Pinenut, Black Pepper and Pecorino Sourdough, take it home and claim that you made it. We won't tell.

  1. The Burque Bakehouse
  2. Ihatov Bread and Coffee
  3. Saratori's Italian Pastry Shop
Courtesy Cake Fetish

Best Cupcakes

My sister had a sweet display of cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake this summer and the guests went wild! I knew Cake Fetish would win in this category. Their creations cannot be beat for parties, a special dessert, Valentine's Day or poolside. I'll bet they will even make cupcakes to your specifications. Call them.

  1. Cake Fetish
  2. Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique
  3. Planty Sweet

Best Milkshakes

Do not leave 66 Diner until you have tried the milkshakes called Pink Cadillac or The Elvis (peanut butter and banana) with all the trimmings. There's also a Tutti Frutti (oh rootie). Enjoy your 'shakes in the ambience of an authentic diner from the 1950s that practically has been a co-star in Breaking Bad and other TV series and movies filmed here. A wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom! Be seen sippin' at 66.

  1. 66 Diner
  2. Flying Star
  3. Rude Boy Cookies
Courtesy Donut Mart

Best Doughnuts

I'm not hungry but I want some anyway. Donut Mart is a true sugar shack, owned by a family who is beloved by their community. With a couple of locations around town, why go to a chain store? Fresh and delicious, their doughnuts are divine. They have other terrific serve-ups for breakfast, too, but really, what doughnut lover really cares?

  1. Donut Mart
  2. Bristol Doughnuts
  3. The Witching Flour


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