Sunday, April 2, 2023

Albuquerque's Best Contributors to the Community


There are organizations that simply make Albuquerque, Albuquerque and nowhere else. We let you choose the subcategories under this umbrella by vote and you came through handsomely. All of these local entities and individuals contribute to the flavor of this city, representing ABQ and making it home for us all. Good choices!

Best Local Business Owner

Flying Star Cafe and their Satellites not only make us look good with neon signs and mod-styled buildings, but they make everything taste good, too. These cafes are the go-to for any get together, from friendly confabs to business meetings. No matter who you are in ABQ, you've been to Flying Star. Its unique presence and delish dishes are a real city asset. Thank you, Jean and Mark!

  1. The Bernsteins, Flying Star
  2. Little Green Bucket
  3. Susan Ricker, Off Broadway
"Hedon" oil on canvas by Sarah Vc

Best Artist

Sarah Vc, as she styles herself, works in large-scale oils on canvas to promote body acceptance. "I want to put people with larger bodies in art so they feel seen and feel that acceptance," she said. Currently she is taking a break from gallery shopping to concentrate on creating, but you can see her fabulous stuff on Insta @fattymcgooo (three o's). Sarah Vc is the quintessential figurative artist with contemporary flair.

  1. Sarah Valente Compton
  2. Drag King Rusty Nutz
  3. Frederico Vigil

Best Sports Team

Rallying fans is what New Mexico United does best and we love them for it. The team wasted no time reaching out to soccer fans and community partners to bring us all together around a love of the sport, including Meow Wolf, M'Tucci's Restaurants and New Mexico Orthopaedics. Their fan base is obsessed. Somos unidos!

  1. New Mexico United
  2. Isotopes
  3. Elevated Roller Derby

Best Community Organizer

For sex workers, the street is both their place of business and the most dangerous place on earth. Street Safe gives them a space of their own to access services and get a cup of coffee. They also hit the streets themselves to hand out basic necessities like shampoo and underwear - and thereby make their volunteers available if victims of trafficking want to speak out. They've also maintained a Bad Guy List since 2008, with descriptions of male attackers, mug shots and vehicle descriptions. Street Safe runs strictly on donations.

  1. Street Safe
  2. NM Drag Kings
  3. Shira Greenberg, Keshet Dance + Arts

Best Local Non-profit/Community Organization

Our local Planned Parenthood is a haven for low-income women seeking health services and reproductive care. Abortion is a divisive issue for all sides of the debate, but Planned Parenthood knows that abortion is often a needed medical procedure to terminate problem pregnancies where the life of the mother may be in danger. No one gets to make that decision but the mother herself. Planned Parenthood advocates for reproductive rights in this state and around the country, especially since the SCOTUS decision in Dobbs.

  1. Planned Parenthood
  2. Roadrunner Food Bank
  3. Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico
  4. Animal Humane New Mexico

Best Local Fundraiser

The folks at Roadrunner Food Bank really know how to throw a party. Their annual SOUPer Bowl raises substantial funds for their mission - feeding New Mexicans in need. Attend one of their breakfasts and you'll see how many hundreds of people and businesses they can corral to give lavishly to the cause. Roadrunner feeds people every day, at food kitchens and other designated sites, on reservations and at senior centers - they need money for their efforts and they know how to ask. Come prepared to give.

  1. Roadrunner Food Bank
  2. Run for the Zoo
  3. Chocolate Fantasy


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