Friday, March 24, 2023

Albuquerque's Best Cannabis


Ever since the adult-use cannabis market opened its doors in New Mexico earlier this year, recreational marijuana has become one of the fastest growing industries in the state. New Mexicans have embraced the new opportunity and are running in droves to try legal cannabis. Sales reached an impressive $40 million dollars in August—$24 million in adult-use sales and $16 million in medical sales.

The brand new industry is barely six months old, but it shows every sign of becoming a permanent fixture of the New Mexico landscape. Albuquerque is clearly the green hub of the state. In August, the most cannabis sales in the state happened right here in ABQ, totaling more than $14.6 million. That’s a lot of pot being bought by Burqueños. And the number is even more impressive since Albuquerque is deep enough inside New Mexico that these sales can’t be attributed to out-of-state weed tourists.

Here are our readers’ favorite spots to get lifted.

Best CBD

One of the most popular compounds found in cannabis is CBD. Extracts of this chemical are used to treat anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, inflammation, symptoms associated with epilepsy and a number of other ailments. While it’s easy enough to find CBD in ABQ, My CBD Shop stands out for its dedication to knowledgeable customer service and excellent selection.

  1. My CBD Shop
  2. Harvest and R Greenleaf and Minerva Canna (tie)
  3. Prohibition 37

Best Customer Service

In the hectic world of a new cannabis market, it’s easy for shoppers to get lost amid the crowd of excited cannabis consumers. Our readers say that Fort Twenty Cannabis Company goes above and beyond to make them feel special. Knowledgeable budtenders who are patient and willing to help new users go a long way in this industry.

  1. Fort Twenty Cannabis Company
  2. Verdes Foundation
  3. Higher Purpose Apothecary and Flowers and Herb Market (tie)

Best Shatter

If you like beautiful, glass-like THC concentrates at a reasonable price, you can’t do better than Purlife. These mad scientists have been perfecting their arts in the Albuquerque scene for years now and that experience shows in their superior shatter. It’s a marvelous thing to behold and worth a visit.

  1. Purlife
  2. Urban Wellness
  3. Minerva Canna

Best Specials

It’s getting tough to afford those marijuana essentials and cannabis consumers are pinching every penny these days. So a dispensary that knows how to put on a good sale is worth its weight in gold. If you’re looking for low prices coupled with high quality, make sure you check out the specials at Fort Twenty Cannabis Company.

  1. Fort Twenty Cannabis Company
  2. Higher Purpose Apothecary
  3. Organtica

Best Dab

Are you reaching for a rig as you read this? Have you given up flower and edibles for the pleasures of wax and crumble? Well, we have the line on the ultimate dab hookup for you, dear reader. High Desert Relief has been serving dabbers in ABQ for years now, and they have some of the best concentrates in town.

  1. High Desert Relief
  2. Verdes
  3. Mountain Top Wellness
  4. Prohibition 37

Best Pre-Rolls

Why go through the strain of rolling your own joints when you can let the professionals handle it instead? If you’re in the mood for a hassle-free joint, look no further than Fort Twenty Cannabis Company. Pick up a pre-roll after work and smoke it on your porch. Nothing beats a classic.

  1. Fort Twenty Cannabis Company
  2. R Greenleaf
  3. Higher Purpose Apothecary

Best Strains

Strains are the name of the cannabis game. If you want variety and inspiration in your dispensary’s strain choice, check out the menu at Fort Twenty Cannabis Company. They’ve got a great choice of sativas, indicas and hybrids to meet whatever your personal needs may be.

  1. Fort Twenty Cannabis Company
  2. Urban Wellness
  3. High Desert Relief
  4. Flowers and Herb Market

Best Adult-Use Dispensary

If you’re still new to the cannabis market, then this is the category for you. Our readers voted Higher Purpose Apothecary as the best all-around dispensary serving up adult-use cannabis available to anyone over the age of 21. Great customer service, prices and variety have landed this dispensary at the top of our lists.

  1. Higher Purpose Apothecary
  2. Minerva Canna and Ultra Health and Enchanted Botanicals and CannaBuena Dispensary (tie)

Best Medical Dispensary

Our readers chose Minerva Canna as the best dispensary to serve medical cannabis patients. This company has been operating for a long time in Albuquerque, and its budtenders have become some of the most knowledgeable in town. Patients shopping at Minerva are certain to get the right meds for their personal needs.

  1. Minerva Canna
  2. R Greenleaf
  3. CannaBuena Dispensary
  4. Cannaceutics


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