Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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5 New Local Beers We Can't Wait To Try This Week

Whiskey stouts and sensually seductive sours top the list


It's cold outside so, naturally, we're on the hunt for some cold weather beer. Here are 5 beers we can't wait to try this week.

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Canteen Brewhouse's Taylor Garrett Whiskey Collaboration Imperial Stout

Taylor Garrett whiskey is one of the hot new local craft distillery products hitting shelves across New Mexico. Now it's crossing over into the beer space with a limited-edition collaboration with Canteen Brewhouse in a new imperial stout.

Both stouts and whiskey are used to keep you warm. Will both of them together do a doubly-good job? Grab a four-pack and let us know!


Fun fact: Taylor Garrett whiskey isn't made by Taylor Garrett. Taylor and Garrett are the names of local distiller Scott Feuille's two sons. No word on whether they are old enough to try dad's whiskey, tho.

Canteen Brewhouse
Neighborhood: Heights
Category: Brewery
>> Locations, Hours, Website here.

Bow & Arrow's Buffalo Plaid Porter

Ok, it's not really new but it has started showing up on shelves at Whole Foods across the metro, so close enough.

Collaboration is in and this entry comes to us from the Native women behind Bow & Arrow and the local coffee hipsters behind Humble Coffee. Baltic porters originated in countries around the Baltic Sea and have bigger flavors and smoother drinking thanks to the lager yeast used to brew this cold-fermented treat.


Cold-fermented and cold-lagered, this dark brew drinks smooth with big notes of chocolate and espresso. ABV 7.6%

Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.
Neighborhood: Downtown
Category: Brewery
>> Locations, Hours, Website here.

Marble Brewing's Safeword IPA

Ok, so it's not a dark winter beer but Marble's new Safeword IPA is brewed with a nod towards the kinky side of the upcoming winter Valentine's Day holiday (at least we think that's why).

It's been a while since Marble released a new heavy-hopped IPA so this one is high on our list of must-trys. Available for the first time at Marble taprooms on the 29th.


Sticky. Chewy. Punchy. Brewed with massive amounts of Chinook, Citra, Columbus, Ekuanot, Mosaic & Simcoe hop varietals, this India Pale Ale displays an impressive array of juicy dank characteristics. A beer so good you might need a safe word! 7.4% ABV

Marble Brewing Co.
Neighborhood: Downtown, Heights, Westside
Category: Brewery
>> Locations, Hours, Website here.

Bosque Brewing's CiderBae

Cider lovers will be making the trek to Bosque this week. Their new Cide Bae is available only in taprooms (patio drinking or takeout, of course). At a hefty 8.5% ABV, this spiced cider ale has plenty of alcohol to keep you warm.


Bosque says it has a slightly sweet base of their popular house hard cider and mulled cider spices that make this time of year so cozy. This cider infused with seasonal spices is best enjoyed fireside.

Bosque Brewing Co.
Category: Brewery
Neighborhood: Nob Hill
>> Locations, Hours, Website here.

Neighborhood: Bernalillo
>> Locations, Hours, Website here.

Gravity Brewing's Narcissistic Tendencies

Downtown's newest brewery isn't afraid to roll out some kinky options for adventurous drinkers.

Now on tap is this Valentine's Day-inspired sour they describe as "something akin to the flavor of a piece of gourmet chocolate cake sensually smothered in raspberry purée, touched with mint pulled directly from the somatic earth."


Bonus: Read The Paper.'s review of Gravity Bound here.

Have you tried it? Did it put you in "the mood?" Drop us a note below to tell us what you think.

Gravity Bound Brewing Co.
Neighborhood: Downtown
Category: Brewery
>> Locations, Hours, Website here.


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