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Exclusive Poll: NM United Stadium Proposal Headed For Defeat

As Full Time Approaches, NM United Stadium Is Down By Nine Points

Editor’s Note: Ahead of local elections, The Paper. commissioned the first public poll (793 likely voters) to determine what voters think about candidates for mayor and school board positions, as well as public opinion on the proposed stadium bonds, vaccine mandates for APS and who voters think is most responsible for lagging APD reform. The results, like all…

A Crown Jewel for the Community

Community First! From day one that’s been New Mexico United’s commitment. The team’s commitment to the people of New Mexico has always been more than a sound byte and more than a marketing angle. Community is baked into the genetic fabric of the organization, and at the heart of any decision…

Not So United

Soccer Fans React to the United Stadium Proposal

On July 25 Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, in a performance atop the tailgate of a pickup truck that was somehow an impression of both Howard Dean and Jeb Bush, announced a proposal to bond $50 million to build a new multi-use stadium. Although the City Council had yet to take procedural…

Skateboarding Is Now An Olympic Sport And A New Mexico Woman Is Favored To Win Gold

New Mexico’s Skateboarding Superstar Prepares For Olympic Debut, Talks Growing Up In The 505

When the Tokyo Olympics open later this month, street skating will be featured as the newest sport and New Mexico’s Mariah Duran is considered the US’ best hope for a women’s medal in the new sport. She spoke exclusively with The Paper. about how the city’s skating culture launched her career…

Teams Prepare For Upcoming IFL Season

Health and Safety Top Priority for Officials

Since March, league officials, team owners and staff worked diligently to prepare for the upcoming season while players worked out and remained in top shape.

gladiators in masks

Gladiators Look Forward to 2021

New Season Planned After Pandemic Sidelined Players

The year 2020 was one that will be written in history books. It was the year that millions lost their lives as COVID-19 ravaged the globe. Social distancing, “Your mic is muted,” games without fans and online learning became the norm.  Gyms and stadiums were nearly empty. New Mexico high school…


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