Ever had a devoted colleague leave the job and then you keep staring at their empty place, missing the pleasant interactions and the comfy routine? Here at The Paper., we really miss Iota.

Iota has been a newsroom mainstay for upwards of a decade. Iota’s first job was with Weekly Alibi as assistant to John Millington, everybody’s favorite IT guy. When Weekly Alibi closed, Iota was re-hired by The Paper. John brought her to work every day in her carrier with a soft blankie and a water dish.

This small Chihuahua played a large role in keeping morale up and desks occupied. I mean that literally–one of her favorite spots is sitting between you and your keyboard while demanding you take a break and pet her. She knows the importance of taking your scheduled breaks and the positive effect this regular practice has on your productivity.

We’ve learned a lot from this large personality in a small package over her many years in print media.

Her biggest lesson is to always watch what you eat. Don’t worry if you forget because watching what you eat is Iota’s favorite spectator sport, and she’ll always be there to support you during the lunch hour. If we’re getting lunch for the staff, she’ll be the first in line to give her order. We always act surprised when she orders her usual–snausages.

Another lesson we’ve learned from Iota is the importance of greeting guests because first impressions are important. And who knows, they might have a small snack to slip you. This is especially important if lunch is over and you are still sorely lacking in snausages. Although somebody down the hallway has Milk Bones stashed in her office, too, just in case there’s a snausage shortage. Iota can show you exactly where they are kept.

Iota always says, “If you see something, say something.” She’s never afraid to bark her opinions. She’s retiring from The Paper. but we hear she’s going to be building her own software soon. Who knows? Perhaps there’s an original podcast in her future.

iota, a tan and white chihuahua, with an "I voted" sticker on the tags on her collar

Don’t think that because she’s a dog that she doesn’t care about local politics. Iota is always first in line to cast her vote! She knows that we can all make a difference if we voice our opinions at the polls. Be sure to do your research on your favorite candidates! Iota thinks the most important quality is whether or not they have a dog.

Although we’ll all miss Iota, she has done a fabulous job training her successor, Scout. Puppy labor laws prohibit working before 8 weeks, but Scout was eager to start in the industry. Scout started her training at the young age of seven weeks as an intern at Weekly Alibi under Iota’s watchful eye. Scout’s first lesson was to be sure to keep a tail’s length away from Iota at all times because puppies are not to be trusted. After Scout’s week-long internship, Scout was officially hired full time and can now be found staring at boxes of Milk Bones right where Iota used to sit.