ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Bernalillo County says it has discovered a suspected ransomware attack directed at its computer systems, prompting the government of New Mexico’s most populous county to take affected systems offline and to close most county buildings to the public on Wednesday.

Public safety agencies such as the sheriff’s office and the fire and rescue department were operating normally by using unspecified “”backup contingencies” but the Metropolitan Detention Center canceled inmate visits Wednesday, according to a county statement.

County spokesman Tom Thorpe told The Associated Press that the suspected attack meant that county officials couldn’t access the affected systems.

Thorpe said he wasn’t aware of any demand being received by the county and that officials are checking the county’s computers systems for various departments to learn more about the suspected attack.

Bernalillo County includes Albuquerque, New Mexico’s most populous city. The county has a population of 676,000, including 106,000 people who live in unincorporated areas.