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The man wanted in the killings of four people, some partially dismembered, found in vehicle in a Sunport parking garage told authorities in New Jersey he has killed 16 people, 15 of them in New Mexico.

Earlier this month Albuquerque Police announced that a Sunport security officer alerted them to a suspicious vehicle emitting a foul odor in a parking garage at the airport. Authorities soon linked the bodies to Sean Lannon, 47, of New Jersey. One victim is Lannon’s ex-wife, according to authorities. Albuquerque police have since said that they believe the murders were committed in Grants, about an hour west of Albuquerque, where the ex-wife lived.

Lannon was later captured in St. Louis after he had traveled to New Jersey with his three children following the murders. Lannon is also accused of killing Michael Dabkowski, whom prosecutors have now identified as a former youth mentor of Lannon’s.

During court proceedings in New Jersey this week, prosecutors disclosed that Lannon had admitted to multiple homicides in New Mexico:

During his presentation in a Friday afternoon detention hearing, Assistant Gloucester County Prosecutor Alec Gutierrez said Lannon admitted to the killings in New Jersey and New Mexico, saying he had killed his wife and others, including “11 other individuals who were drug dealers.”

“He admitted to killing a total of 16 people … 15 being in New Mexico and one in the State of New Jersey. It’s my understanding that the FBI is assisting New Mexico in their investigation,” Gutierrez said.

Lannon admitted luring several victims to a home in New Mexico and dismembering some of them, the prosecutor noted., March 19, 2021

Lannon told authorities that Dabkowski, his former youth mentor, had sexually abused him as a child.

Media reports in New Jersey indicate that Lannon and his ex-wife were married in New Jersey before relocating to New Mexico and divorced in 2019. New Mexico court records show a divorce case in Grants District Court bearing the names of both Sean Lannon and his now-deceased wife. Police in Grants say no charges have been filed in the New Mexico cases, so far.

Law enforcement sources reached by The Paper. say they are aware of Lannon’s admissions and are working with New Jersey officials to verify the claims.