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Pat Davis is an owner and publisher of The Paper. He also serves as an Albuquerque City Councilor and former chair of the governor's cannabis legalization work group.

Candidate turned president Donald J. Trump’s treasonous five year campaign to pit the United States’ citizenry against one another is over. Ostensibly the delusional and hyper-infantile fight to cling to a reign of catastrophe continues on behalf of a victimized electorate prostrate to the grand machinations of an evil conspiracy. However, the fight is grounded in an age-old quivered arrow both political parties use to raise money. Yes, whether for campaign debt purposes or down-ballot runoffs Trump and his vanishing allies are playing liberator to an audience of mask-mocking exclusionists…for money. Reality, a concept so far alienated from Trump’s acumen, will come as a harsh arbitrator in the end for the Don of Hubris.

Trump’s presidency conjures up images of another Don. Cervantes’ quixotic hero, Don Quixote. Time will allow Trump’s biographers to replace Quixote’s windmills with cable and network satellites and his love, Dulcinea, with “white suburban women.” Both Don’s wanted desperately for their damsels to “like them”.

Trump’s presidency has come to an unceremonious tantrum-laden end. Other one-term presidents have left legacies of duty-driven public service records. While the others surely made mistakes history will acquit them of their miscues due to their irrefutable contributions to their country. Whether they be ceaseless efforts to secure taxation WITH representation or their tireless efforts to abolish slavery (I refer here to the second president of the United States John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams, the sixth). Could you imagine if Trump was president in 1930 when the Hoover Dam was commissioned or in 1870 when president Grant sent engineers to the isthmus of Panama? Where will Donald J. Trump’s gaping border wall compare with other herculean engineering feats undertaken by the evidently more powerful men that occupied the presidency? President Trump’s tangible legacy includes an unfinished xenophobic eyesore on our southern border and his cultural legacy includes his fingerprints on a movement to promote his misogynistic, race-baiting, fear-mongering DNA.

It is time to bid farewell to perhaps the most incendiary president our republic has had to repel. It is time for inclusion and civility to replace exclusion and chaos. America is poised to heal herself from the deep wounds inflicted upon her by Donald J. Trump. America has beaten back a president with a seemingly obsessive wish to open up the quarrels between the present and the past. America 1 Trump 0.

For those of you tasked with expunging the nightmare that was the Trump presidency to your young children, as a parent I offer this: Troll Netflix and Hulu until you find Mel Brooks. Many of Mel Brooks’ films are satires of tyrannical megalomaniacs and they tend to be very funny. And lest we forget, laughter can be the best medicine. So when your search brings up the title “Spaceballs” grab the kids, butter up the popcorn, and play a game with the family to see who can point out the most similarities between Donald J. Trump and President Skroob. Hint: there are many!

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